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After more than a decade successfully researching and applying stem cells technology at our international medical center in Bangkok, we decided to use our unique proprietary formula to create anti-aging, rejuvenation and nutritional products that are helping thousands of customers around the world in achieving better health whilst looking younger.1
Now you too, can take advantage of the latest discoveries on stem cells at a fraction of the price. Our prices are reduced because we sell directly to the consumer.


SC21Biotech integrates the best human and technical resources at and IntelliHealth+ international medical center in Bangkok, to provide our global customers with state-of-the-art health facilities and world class anti-aging skin care products. We research and utilize the most innovative stem cell technology that´s at the cutting edge of rejuvenation scientific breakthroughs. SC21Biotech anti-aging skin care products are made for people who want to see excellent results right from the start of the treatment, and our specially designed packages provide enough products to last for months at a time. Check our entire product range of rejuvenation cosmetics, nutritional products and anti-aging skin care products today and experience why SC21Biotech is changing the world of cosmetics and natural health forever.

10 Years on Global Market

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Stem Cells Experts

SC21 Biotech products combine the latest technology in stem cells anti-aging.

Immunotherapy Experts

Leaders in the development of effective immunotherapies that are changing the world.


Rejuvenation Centers

Walk-in state-of-the-art rejuvenation centers in Asia, specialists in anti-aging.


Stem Cells Bioproducts

Years of research and development are leading us to transform anti-aging stem cell products.

Happy Customers

My experience with SC21 products is simply incredible. I fully recommend the nutritional supplements to get your energy back in a natural way, no side effects and just feeling like never before. And I´m 52 already!

Happy Customers

After years of trying off-the-shelf cosmetic products I was tired of spending a lot of money which never gave me the exterior result that I was looking for. I tried stem cells anti-aging by SC21 and within 4 weeks my skin just looked brighter, alive! Thank you.

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